Katie, Mariko, and Yoonmi met in 2004 in Awaji, Japan during the Nagawawa Art Park Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Residency, where we studied Japanese-style water-based woodblock printing (mokuhanga).  The shared experience of learning a new process, living and working together was profound and inspiring.  Through mini-residencies and mailing things we made to each other, we continue this creative dialogue and learning.

Marking our 10 year anniversary, in 2014, we made our first long-distance collaborative work titled wood+paper+box.  This work was inspired by our first experiences of learning mokuhanga at Nagasawa Art Park in Japan, and highlights those initial impulses inspired by working, learning and living in a new place together.

After completing wood+paper+box, we continued our collaboration and recently completed our second project, AL>CA>KS.  This project was inspired by the three states where our studios are located.  As newcomers to the places that we now call home, we shared our individual works investigating the narratives, people, and landscapes where we live.

Our third project, “(un)fold”, will investigate the structures, the ideas, and the acts of folding and unfolding.  Through our experiments with paper and other fold-able materials, we will investigate the revealing and concealing of space, dimensionality, time, and narrative.